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In this article you'll get to know about 3 of the best DMCA ignored hosting providers. If your website have suffered from false DMCA takedowns then one of these hosting provider will be your holy grail. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's talk about them in detail.

What is DMCA ignored hosting ?

Before we dive into this topic, first we need to understand what DMCA is. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a federal law designed by USA, whose sole purpose is to protect the ownership of online content. It's a copyright law that protects copyright holders from unauthorized use and distribution of their online content. Though this law is based in USA but many other countries have also implemented it to protect the copyright holders and online content in their region.

Here is how a DMCA takedown notice works:
  • When a copyright owner identifies that his/her content is being stolen, he/she can send a DMCA takedown notice to the hosting provider who is hosting the content.
  • Hosting provider reviews the DMCA takedown notice for all the legal compliances. If notice meets the criteria for content takedown, hosting provider must immediately remove or block such content.
  • After the content is removed or blocked, hosting provider usually notifies the uploader about DMCA takedown notice and removal of the content.
  • If the uploader believes that the DMCA takedown was fake, then he/she can go forward with a counter-notice to challenge the content takedown.
  • This counter-notice reached the hosting provider after following all the legal procedures by the uploader. Hosting providers assess the counter-notice and if found valid, they may restore the content.
  • The copyright owner then might take legal action against the uploader if disagrees with the counter-notice.

DMCA is meant to protect the content ownership of online content but It's not prone to malicious or fake DMCA notices. Fraud DMCA requests can block or censor legitimate content. Free speech has suffered a lot from these types of fake DMCA takedowns. That is where Offshore hosting or DMCA ignored hosting plays an important role in protecting free speech and legitimate content.

This is the basic procedure of how DMCA takedown notice and counter-notice work. Please keep in mind that I'm not an expert in federal law. I'm just a guy from the internet who happens to have some knowledge about DMCA that may be beneficial to you.

1. BlueAngelHost - DDoS Attack and Intrusion Prevention Solution

BlueAngelHost - Offshore and DMCA ignored hosting provider

BlueAngelHost is one of the prominent DMCA-ignored offshore hosting providers in the market. They offer VPS hosting services utilizing Enterprise class hardware for more reliability. Their data centers are located in Bulgaria which belongs to the list of those countries that does not follow DMCA. They also provide Free DDoS protection solution for their services.

buleangelhost banner loading

BlueAngelHost - SSD based shared VPS

They have two type of shared VPS hosting: SSD and HDD based servers. Below is the image of SSD-based VPS servers:

BlueAngelHost - shared hosting service plans

Features offered by BlueAngelHost

  • Free DDoS protection and Intrusion prevention solutions to protect their VPS.
  • They have multiple Tier-3 Premium networks that ensures more reliability and 99% Network uptime.
  • Wide range of latest Operating systems to choose from.
  • They provide Full root access for dedicated servers.
  • Utilizations of enterprise-grade Premium hardware that ensures best performance.
  • They acceptBitcoin, Ethereum, and other wide range of digital coins along with cards for payment.

BlueAngelHost also provides dedicated VPS both pre-configured and custom configuration. So if your application uses many computing resources or you want to deploy ready-to-go servers, pre-configured dedicated VPS could be the better option.

2. Shinjiru - Global Offshore hosting specalist

shinjuru hosting

Shinjiru is an award winner and one of the oldest Offshore hosting providers. They have been in the market since year 2000. Shinjiru have 8 data centers worldwide, providing their users global reach along with annonimity. While being global Offshore hosting providers, they also have data centers in countries that do not follow DMCA which makes them pretty good choice. Apart from simple VPS, they have many other hosting services such as wordpress and bitcoin hosting.

shinjiru banner

Shinjiru - Budget shared hosting plans

While having a vast number of services, they do have some budget-shared hosting plans. User will have the choice to launch VPS from any of their data center locations. Below are some of their budget offshore hosting plans:

shinjiru - shared hosting service plans

Features offered by Shinjiru

  • Linux and Windows hosting servers.
  • The provide Free complete migration services to fully migrate applications from your old hosting provider.
  • Access to cPanel for all their servers.
  • Wordwide 8 Offshore location with absolute privacy and complete protection.
  • Different Web protection services to secure the website and prevent various types of Cyber attacks.
  • They acceptBitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal, and card payments.

Shinjiru also provide Dedicated Offshore VPS services both managed and un-managed. Based on the data center location, Shinjiru can be a really good option to host your application if you are looking for DMCA ignored hosting.

3. AlexHost - Anonymity and confidentiality

alexhost hosting

AlexHost is one of the few companies that provides Offshore and DMCA-ignored VPS hosting services with more confidentiality and anonymity. They have been in the hosting business since 2008. Their data center is located in the Republic of Moldova (Chisinau) in an underground bunker. They also provide reliable VPS services from Netherlands. Both of the countries are known for their own privacy laws and do not follow DMCA. This is why these are considered the best country in Europe when it comes to Offshore hosting.

alexhost banner

AlexHost - Offshore VPS plans

From Offshore VPS hosting to VPN and CMS hosting, AlexHost has many sorts of services in its arsenal. They provide services from Netherlands and Maldova to maintain maximum anonymity and confidentiality. Below are some of the lowest plans that they offer for Linux Offshore VPS:

alexhost hosting plans

Features offered by AlexHost

  • Managed and unmanaged VPS hosting for Linux and Windows in different distributions.
  • Moldova data center located in highly secure military-grade underground shelter.
  • Full root access with the availibility of cPanel.
  • One of the best Offshore location for DMCA ignored hosting.
  • 99.99% uptime of servers.
  • Equiped with Enterprise-grade hardware known for high speed and quality.

AlexHost provides various other services such as VPN hosting, DNS, and SSL Certificates. While maintaining privacy and anonymity, they offer various payment methods displayed below image:

shinjuru hosting

These are some of the features and services provided by AlexHost. They have a wide range of hardware that users can utilize as per requirement. While maintaining the highest uptime along with anonymity and confidentiality, AlexHost has managed to become one of the major players in the Offshore hosting market.


There are many more DMCA Ignored hosting providers out there with good reputations and impeccable service offerings. While looking for these types of hosting providers, the key point is to check in which country their data centers are located and what are the privacy rules in that country. Good offshore hosting companies don't easily give you up but there is a high probability they will respond to government notice and provide your information. So to be safe, don't do anything stupid that puts you on the government's radar.

DMCA ignored and Offshore hosting

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